Green Wedding Shoes

At one time it was traditional white. Today the popularity of colored wedding shoes has grown and grown.

Green. I wanted Green wedding shoes. A very specific kind of green. I was determined to make my green wedding shoes…with that specific height, heel, and material mine!

If I thought that I was being picky by knowing exactly what color wedding shoes I wanted, I had another think coming. Every wedding on this website is a piece of art. Whether it is a beach wedding or a barn wedding, every detail is covered in a magnificent way. Everything matches and fits together. The way colors are used to highlight objects, create unity and evoke emotions is phantasmal. The weddings are wonderfully created worlds and make me want to marry a thousands times, over and over again.

In the end I found my green shoes, at a great price. Great ideas and grand inspiration for my wedding. If you are planning your own wedding, I’d say this website is the best starting point. And always keep in mind that the color of your shoes is just the beginning. I am sure you are wondering what the website it, and I fell funny even sharing it with you. But you can see from the picture below. Yes it is Amazon. What many people don’t realize is the top retailers around the world and the largest wedding suppliers sell their gowns, shoes, and everything for you wedding via Amazon which is the number one online retailers in the world!


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