How to Make Your Own Bridal Tennis Shoes


You can spent a fortune on a pair of fancy shoes that will hurt your feet
all day and your never wear again, or you could participate in the hot new
wedding trend BRIDAL TENNIS SHOES! When the day comes to
walk down the aisle the new trend for many brides are choosing comfort over
tradition. It is becoming very acceptable and even trendy to slip
on a pair of comfortable tennis shoes instead of traditional wedding shoes
that are notoriously uncomfortable.

When all the old women are stripping off their ugly high heels to hit the
dance floor, you may be glad you opted for cushioned tennis shoes. The truth
is with a few details, brides can make tennis shoes as elegant or as funky
as they want.

If you choose to make them yourself …

Buy a pair of white tennis shoes. Pick a pair that looks extra
comfortable or fashionable to you. Keds are a very popular choice
of many brides, as they are easy to decorate.

Remove the plain laces from the shoes. Select new laces that
tickle your fancy. While colorful shoelaces are fine, feminine
silk ribbon or elegant lace is the choice of many brides.
The Secret is to make sure the new laces are long enough to
be laced all the way up the shoe.

You can buy acrylic fabric or craft paint,
at your favorite craft store. If you want fancy shoes, create
a fun pattern using the paint on your shoes. By using a stencil
will allow you to transfer an intricate design with paint onto
your shoes. If you’d prefer a more subdued look, skip this step
and leave your shoes white. Personally, I can like to make
them a little wild.

Find other craft supplies that can be used to apark up your bridal
tennis shoes. Pearls and Beads can be glued on.

If this sound like too much work, I understand. I guess it depends
on your personaility. If you decide to buy your wedding sneakers,
you can spend alot of money. The best place we have found for
quality shoes, at discount prices is Ebay.

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